Hikes Matta1379 9. mai 2022

All season hikes at the front
door of our hotels

From Klingenberg Hotel
Middagshaugen is an excellent destination, with Årdalstangen as a starting point. The view of the fjord is gorgeous!
From Klingenberg Hotel
Gjerdenosi is challenging, but you won’t have to hike to more than 350 meters’ altitude before the forest opens up.
From Klingenberg Hotel
A splendid hike on a primarily hilly path. From Bøttejuv, you will have a panorama view of the Hurrungane mountain.
From Sitla Hotel
Follow the road up Mjøbakken (behind Samhold) until you reach a sign marked Ramneberg, ca. 20 meters after the toll road.
From Sitla Hotel
Åsen and Åsenosi
The trail is a bit hilly, to begin with, and it gets steeper the farther up you go. Svalheimsåsen is at 675 masl.
From Sitla Hotel
These old copper mines are an exciting destination for kids and adults, giving you a beautiful view of the entire Øvre Årdal area.
From Vetti Farm
A fantastic 2-day hike over the mountain hamlet of Vettismorki and up to the cabin Sognefjellshytta.
From Vetti Farm
The cabin in the valley of Stølsmaradalen. An exciting hike in partly steep and challenging terrain, with a break at Avdalen Farm.
From Vetti Farm
A fantastic 3-day hike over the mountain hamlet of Vettismorki and Fanaråken. The hike ends at Turtagrø.

Highlights in Vettisriket

Norrøna visits Vetti Farm
To celebrate Norrøna’s 90th anniversary, we welcomed their team and eight (8) loyalty members to Vetti Farm.
Dramatic nature up close and personal
A hike in the valley of Utladalen, with Hjelle at a starting point, gives you the best dramatic experiences Norwegian nature offers.
4 experiences worth a detour
Vettisriket gives you four experiences in Indre Sogn that are well worth a detour. These experiences offer a greater wow factor.