Vetti over Stølsmaradlen til Hjelle Matta1379 1. juni 2022
Vetti Farm via Stølsmaradalen via the valley of Avdalen to Hjelle
Hike description

The hike from Vetti Farm to the valley of Stølsmaradalen is steep and demanding, with some exposed parts. From Vetti Farm, please follow the trail leading to the foot of the Vittisfossen waterfall, but take off by the crossroad over the bridge and the Utla River and make your way up Brendeteigane. 

From here, the trail is steep until you’re en route to the valley of Avdalen at the forest limit. It continues on even terrain over the river Stølsmaradøla and down to the cabin in the valley of Stølsmaradalen. 

From the valley of Stølsmaradalen, please follow the same trail back but continue to the valley of Avdalen at the crossroad in an easy terrain until you get to the underside of Fuglenosi. From here, you must descend 550 meters to get to Avdalen Farm. From the farm, there are two alternative routes to Hjelle; Avdalsskåri with some exposed and airy parts or the safer and far more used trail down toward the People’s Road and onto Hjelle by car. Utladalen Naturhus (nature house) has an open café for summer where you can buy coffee and snacks.
Hike information
  • KM: 14 KM IN TOTAL
  • ASCENT: 320 – 1014 MASL

Highlights in Vettisriket

Norrøna visits Vetti Farm
To celebrate Norrøna’s 90th anniversary, we welcomed their team and eight (8) loyalty members to Vetti Farm.
Dramatic nature up close and personal
A hike in the valley of Utladalen, with Hjelle at a starting point, gives you the best dramatic experiences Norwegian nature offers.
4 experiences worth a detour
Vettisriket gives you four experiences in Indre Sogn that are well worth a detour. These experiences offer a greater wow factor.