Indre Ofredal Matta1379 15. juni 2022
Indre Ofredalen
Driving through the tunnel from the valley of Seimsdalen to the valley of Ofredalen and following the road down to the fjord, you will arrive at a historic place.
From the early 19th century and up to World War II, the small fjord community of Indre Ofredal was a bustling place because of the water they used to power their mill and sawmill. The pine forest in Ofredal was and still is of excellent quality. In Ytre Ofredal lay a quarry; their white granite can be found at the Grand Hotel in Oslo. The products from the sawmill were transported to Bergen in a local jekt. On the way back, they brought wares that they sold to the locals who crossed the fjord in rowboats to trade or to grind grains into flour. You can still see the old wooden mill today. The summer café is open, and the hosts are lovely!
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